Jesus (Eric – Ex Sebadoh)

A few words from the man himself providing insight into the history of the tracks on Happy Soul 001…

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 06.51.38

‘America’s Drug’ was the first song I wrote in 10th grade typing class,
age 15, December 1982 for the first actual band I was putting together,
Grey Matter.  I played the song on a dime store sears electric.
I revived the song with a bunch of other songs i’d written back in
the hardcore/high school days, and recorded it to cassette 4-track.
it’s an anti-television song, although I enjoyed television back in the
1970′s my mom would threaten to throw the tv set out the window.
this was also just after cable first arrived in the northeast u.s.a.
“I haven’t touched the earth with my foot in a year, i’m fat, flabby,
fucked up, just downed a case of beer.”  “television eats away at your
mind, america’s drug that leaves you blind.”

‘The Newts & The Salamanders,’ was a story I wrote on a typewriter
back in 1976, with a storyline and moral to the story…. with a narrative
and voices i created imitating a big fish, newts, big eel, and big whale.
“Once upon a time in a big stone castle underwater, there lived some newts”
and the newts didn’t like the salamanders and the salamanders didn’t like the newts.
Because one day a salamander spilled a whole bunch of seaweed on the newts’ table.
They were very mad when that happened… and the story goes on with from there
featuring the fish, newts, salamanders, eel, & with the whale having the line
(in a deep bellowing whale voice) “I wonder where all the salamanders went”
*I recorded this 2-track cassette with casio while doing voice overs,
double-tracked… playing the casio parts and various sounds at the same time.

Jesus’s Bio

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Eric’s Discography


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